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Stomach Doctor

Is Your Stomach or Intestinal System Always Painful or Queasy? Time to See a Stomach Doctor!

If you're so used to your stomach being queasy or painful that you don't really remember a time when it wasn't, it is still an abnormal condition. No body part should be bothersome, whether routinely or only on occasion. When it does become routine, that means the problem is not going to go away without medical intervention.
That said, the problem isn't necessarily all that bad, in a medical sense. Instead, it may turn out that the proper medication will clear it up within days or weeks! One problem where this is consistently true is ulcers.
Ulcers, and related problems like stomach inflammation or atrophy, involve the degradation of the lining of the stomach and/or high upper intestine (the duodenum). They are very painful, and can easily be chronic conditions. In most cases, they do not fix themselves. However, they can be cleared within 8-12 weeks with the right medications.
This is because ulcers are usually caused by a bacterium, H. pylori, that digs into the stomach lining. It causes inflammation as well as direct damage. With the proper antibiotics and antacids, however, it is readily defeated and your stomach heals.
If it turns out that you don't have an ulcer, a stomach issues specialist can often pin down some similar cause. A stomach issues specialist can also prescribe medication that helps your body quickly heal existing damage and inflammation, so you don't have to suffer while you wait for the real cure to work.
Because of this, you shouldn't let yourself suffer from stomach problems. See a stomach doctor now, and within just a few more weeks, your years of indigestion and cramping can come to an end!

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