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Best Gastroenterologist Near Me

Finding the Best Gastroenterologist Near Me

It can be hard to figure out who is the best gastroenterologist near me because many people don't like to talk about having intestinal problems. In fact, unless the problem is something that doesn't result in "embarrassing" symptoms, they are unlikely to admit that they've ever been to one of these doctors. Despite this, it is still true that one of the best indicators of a good gastro doctor is positive word of mouth.
The trick is to know how to ask about the best gastroenterologist near me without putting the other person on the spot too much. Since colonoscopies are now standard tests, asking people of the right age where they get theirs can yield good results.
Of course, good old Google Reviews is another excellent source to check. If you get one positive live review, but see 50 two-star reviews, you know that the live review is the outlier. The same is true of the opposite situation.
Finally, you should remember that your idea of the "best gastroenterologist" might not be the same as the general population's criteria. For example, you may want a female gastroenterologist, especially if you're having your lower digestive tract looked at or worked on. Fortunately, it is easier to find one than it was in the past. You may even find that the female gastroenterologist in the area also has the best overall reviews.
If you're in the Woodbridge, Virginia, area, you'll find an excellent choice in Dr. Alexandra Modiri. She not only handles standard gastroenterology, but surgical weight loss as well. Give her a call for an appointment today, and have your digestive issues or testing taken care of. You'll be glad when everything is working the way it should be.

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