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Gastroenterologist Near Me

When Should I See a Gastroenterologist Near Me?

There are two main reasons a person will need to see a gastroenterologist specialist. One is to get diagnosis and treatment for problems that possibly arise from anywhere in the digestive tract, and the other is for routine testing. Due to the latter, most people in the area will end up seeing a gastro doctor near me at some point in their lives.
Digestive problems are sometimes obvious, such as if you feel stomach or intestinal pain every time you eat. At other times, they are harder to diagnose. For example, many problems can result in nausea, ranging from ulcers to liver issues. Because of this, diagnosis is one of the key services provided by a gastroenterologist specialist. Getting the right diagnosis pinned down right away can save you months or even years of pain, spot cancer before it spreads, and prevent unexpected problems like anemia caused by gastrointestinal bleeding.
If you've hit age 45 or above, you may also be referred to a gastroenterologist near me for a colonoscopy. In this test, your lower intestine is viewed with a scope to look for problems like cancer, polyps, intestinal ulcers, and similar things. The test is recommended in order to catch any early cancers that may be present or threatening to come, but this isn't the only reason for colonoscopies in general. A colonoscopy may be recommended outside of the usual testing schedule if you have any signs of intestinal problems, such as pain, blood in the stools, or some other symptom that points to a possible colon problem.
A gastroenterologist near me can also do other types of testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Scopes of the stomach and upper intestine search for ulcers and related problems, or you may have symptoms that indicate that you might be infected by H. pylori, the germ that causes ulcers and related issues. In these cases, the gastro doctor near me will work to pin down the problem and get it appropriately taken care of.
One other thing that a gastroenterologist specialist may do is surgical weight loss operations. Not all gastro doctors do this type of surgery. Instead, it is a subspecialty of this profession. It is an excellent go-to together because surgical weight loss involves altering the stomach or intestines to change (or eliminate) the way they process food. In some cases, gastroenterologists may work together on bariatric patients to handle all of the related needs, such as imaging, surgery, and post-op recovery.
No matter what you need a gastroenterologist for, you'll find that he or she is a welcome partner in your digestive health.

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