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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What do I do in case of a GI emergency?​

After hours please contact our answering service. For a severe or life-threatening emergency please call 911 or go to nearest emergency room.

2) Can I obtain my results over the phone?

Procedure, laboratory and imaging results will be discussed at your next office visit. Pleasure ensure that you make a follow-up appointment.

3) Does your practice have any age restrictions?

We see patients age 18 and older depending on the clinical scenario.​​

4) When is payment due for services provided?

Payment is required at the time of service for all co-pays, co-insurances, deductibles and any prior balances. 

5) How do I pay my bill?

For your convenience methods of payment include credit cards and cash. Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted credit cards. Checks are not accepted.

6) What is the office cancellation policy?

Cancellation of all office or new visit appointments require 24 hours advance notice. Non-compliance will result in a $50 cancellation fee.

7. When can I expect my prior authorization to be completed?

Prior authorizations can take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on the insurance plan. Also, many insurances may still refuse to approve a medication despite a prior authorization request. In those instances, we would encourage you to contact your insurance for further discussion. 

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